Fishing Hole 2

Sanctuary found. Rest for the senses.

Want to go back. I feel so defenseless.

Find somewhere to run and hide from this life.

Not good enough. Failed to climb the mountain.

Inside a world where I can be the king.

No limits or boundaries placed on me.

Full of potential, and it’s developed.

Not just wasted and leading to failure.

In there I smile, let my laugh be heard.

Don’t shy away from opportunity.

I am outgoing. Meet lots of people.

No past to chase me down a different path.

I get lost in a world of make-believe.

A magician with believers in awe.

I believe that I can do anything.

I wake up in a ditch, face smeared with mud.

Did I imagine, or does the world hurt?

Where is my sanctuary, where’d it go?

I could ride unicorns, and steal the show!

Where are my powers why can’t I change things?

My fingers are useless I’ll cut them off.

Build me a spaceship and I’ll fly away.

No more questions or answers. It’s my way.

I can have fun and nothing else matters.

Build my sanctuary so I can live.


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