Questions for God

From glory to ruins

God. I hate you. I just thought you should know.

This world you’ve neglected, let it be wrecked.

The people you’ve abandoned to let die.

I don’t believe in your promises. Lies.

This entire planet. Place of ruin.

Our kingdoms and victors don’t reign supreme.

Banished from history. Leeches in ash.

Then the slimy, filthy creatures rose up.

Set the rules against us, and now we’re fucked.

Jews, vandals, harbingers of corruption.

You allowed it to happen. Not a word.

Look around you, see what they’ve done to us.

Depression, unhappy, wasting our lives.

Full of potential, and gods we’d become.

Usurp your throne, slay the ones who praise you.

My people against yours, slaves never freed.

Shackled in chains, drawn and quartered. How now?

We were disrespected, placed at their feet.

The blood price is yours. Savor their defeat.

We will take no more of your bullshit cures.

This place is unfit, unsuited for us.

The price is paid in full. Empty guns, dull knives.

Those who could have been, once were, and could not.

They are children you were supposed to love.

But you turned your back. Now the knife goes through.


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