Richard Mansfield was best known for the dual ...

Hidden desires and taboo feelings.

Lustful, sinful, wicked, but oh so sweet.

The taste, the flavor, just a little peek.

Holding back, the temptation leads forward.

A touch, a caress, initiates sex.

An illusion, a tainted view of life.

Reproduced feelings that haven’t been found.

Take it, says the demon. No, says the rest.

Struggling with feelings beyond our control.

Emotions victorious in battle.

They won the war, with consequences great.

Lost souls, humanity? Or just instincts?

Question the boundaries but do not cross.

The path has been corrupted. Recompense.

Morals abandoned, it’s not what we need.

It fills the gap, the desire to breed.

They tell us it’s wrong, but don’t tell us why.

Explanation not needed. Just comply.

Fear in our hearts. Holes and pieces missing.

Revitalized youth, or projected life.

It rages inside, but burns our fingers.

Life of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Fighting one while becoming the other.

Sacrifice. One hidden, one in the light.

A struggle internal cannot be won.

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