Fairy Tale

Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom at Walt...

Why is my princess locked in a castle?

In a land of make-believe, far away?

Did I do something wrong, or was it her?

Why do you punish me? I’d rather die.

The executioner won’t come to me.

If she’d only let down her hair, I’d climb.

Over every mountain I couldn’t move.

But someone has already decided.

Our fate should be together, but it’s not.

Such a cruel man rules the ways of the world.

She left me a slipper, a sign of hope.

I thought I saw a glimmer. Interest.

She changes like the tides, and then I drown.

She let me be forgotten. No charges.

What was my crime? What wrong did I commit?

I made myself better, stronger, more fit.

A leader of sorts, with men that follow.

Smarter yet too, this knowledge of nothing.

They answer no questions that I have found.

Nothing I do makes her swoon anymore.

What could win her over? A flower’s smell.

She’s not a prize to be won, but I’ll try.

A magic carpet ride? But I have none.

Maybe a kiss would transfer the magic.

From a frog, yes, but without bad habits.

So beautiful. With her I’d rule the world.

But she comes and goes. Leaves my life at times.

Infatuation becomes my heartbreak.

I cry, and wonder when I’ll be the prince.

Or her knight in armor, the kingdom ours.

How does my fairy tale begin or end?

I opened the book. The pages are blank.

No thoughts or ideas. Just wait for the world.

May you find yours, and some happiness, too.

I’ll just wish upon a star when she smiles.

The color of her hair, it matters not.

Nor the color of her eyes, once I’m caught.

A fish in a barrel, a shot not fired.

Nights alone without a friend or marriage.

The honeymoon is gone, and my ears ring.

Thinking about her, and who she might be.

A model, perhaps? Stop watching TV.

A skewed perspective, but one that matters.

Expectations held must not be let go.

Settle for nothing now, and it will pain.

Where is my darling? Playing in the rain?

Does she have food and shelter? Feels no pain?

Or has the world abandoned her to die?

One day I’ll find her I know she’s lost.

I’ll bring her salvation. I’ll give my life.

She looks at me with confusion. Why that?

Such a steep price to pay. I’ve done nothing.

Expressions of the heart are tried and true.

There’s nothing sensible in what we do.

Thanks for your concern, but I claim my path.

I took the fork because I don’t like spoons.

Gilded, in their mouths. Undeserving souls.

That is why I chose the woman without.

She loves me unconditional. Needs me.

And I need her, too. An equal exchange.

No profits to be made, according to our own.

Just business and pleasure, which I condone.

My heart bleeds for her, yet I feel no pain.

She has been freed, and our kingdom now reigns.

I fulfilled my promise. Now my tale ends.


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