I love sports, I have ever since I was a teenager. There is something about friendly competition that speaks to a man’s primal instincts, serves as an outlet for testosterone-fueled aggression. And as a young male, watching athletes dominate gave me something to emulate, something to appreciate. I played everything growing up. Soccer, tee ball, basketball, football, hockey, etc. And when I was in high school, I watched an episode-and-a-half of SportsCenter every morning before school, and stayed up at night to watch games before bed. On Sundays I pored over the USA Today’s stat-filled sports section from the paper. Back in those days, ESPN cared about athletes and humor, before they were gilded into stirring up drama and fan journalism. One of my favorite things was their “This is SportsCenter” campaign ad. Since athletes become almost like heroes to sports fans, this campaign ad creates a surreal world. Professional athletes, celebrities, they visit the SportsCenter studio (portrayed as a regular workplace), and that is where the humor kicks in. The ad campaign is surrealist humor, focused around athletes visiting the studio, and the antics that ensue. The whole reason I’m writing this is to share one of those moments: Gheorghe Muresan, a 7′ 7″ professional basketball player, is visiting the studio one day when he hears a song and gets the urge to dance.


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