Puzzle piece

Life’s a puzzle, and I’m an extra piece.

Set aside. Inconspicuous, but there.

I see it from the corner of my eye.

Throw the puzzle away. There’s no demand.

Like a babysitter without children.

Who needs the experience of a man?

Too creepy. They are not built for nurture.

The kids without roofs, don’t they need someone?

Nah, their parents are just dumb architects.

We can’t encourage their propagation.

No clothes, shoes or shelter. Do they have them?

Were they abandoned, or just left without?

The have-nots in need of nurture and care.

Why should we worry? We need our nails done.

Gainful employment for those who have none.

The system makes them poor, but they don’t fight.

A system of profits and nothing shared.

Competing until the rest are all dead.

A bloodsport when all that we need is love.

So many talents, so many labors.

Flushed down the drain, too much and it will clog.

They need to be washed away from the flood.

So much to give and so little wanted.

Everything offered, nothing accepted.

There is nothing to give when you’re empty.

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