“It just wasn’t meant to be,” she told me.

Emotionless eyes. I am dead to her.

I didn’t understand. I couldn’t accept.

I fight back tears. She is walking away.

So many questions. “But you? And him? Who?”

Her back is turned, possibly forever.

No more stolen kisses. She is not mine.

Her soul escapes like sleep, leaves me empty.

Maybe she’ll come back tomorrow? Let go.

Forget all that was, or it will leave scars.

More than just scars. Open sores that won’t heal.

They’ll continue to fester until death.

But the moment is now, and I am stunned.

Speechless, a reaction I can’t control.

Is it really over? An answer known.

How could it be? That is what is unknown.

Because as she slips away, time is stopped.

I can’t react. Nothing to save the day.

I don’t know her anymore. She is cold.

Watching her leave, I wonder, “Where’s her heart?”

It used to belong to me. Long ago.

Did she forget? Had her feelings removed?

It’s the last time, and we don’t say goodbye.

Alone. Forgotten. Was I in this, too?

Why do the memories flood me not her?


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