Wide Asleep, Fast Awake

I have information to slay the beast.

I know the weaknesses so we can win.

I would lead an army, but none follow.

So I submit to you only ideas.

With conviction I write. It can be beat.

But we have to fight, united as one.

Send the ships from the harbor to invade.

Attack from the bay and along the coast.

Cross the border, across fences, highways.

Don’t forget the West, the island and north.

Return them to others and ask to join.

Take the republics that did not secede.

And the peninsula que no habla.

Revenge for invasion, one of many.

Stolen governments, outlawed their progress.

Fear those who were lost, they are still bitter.

Stolen presidents and sometimes replaced.

Unwanted but forced, that is enemy.

Engage the slaves who have not yet been freed.

Papered integration is not believed.

And to disrespect the men who brought them.

Allah is mighty, you have invoked wrath.

Give them diseases, they cannot withstand.

The system that deprives leads them to path.

Last but not least, remember boundaries.

But I seem to have forgotten the truth.

Not invincible, undeniable.

Since for the future the beast has prepared.

Dismantled our legions so we can’t fight.

So I must take the alternative path.

Spoken secrets into listening ears.

The bridge again burns beneath my footsteps.

The atomic wars ended in the past.

Where do I fight when the future is now?

When all the natives are perpetrators.

I am different, stuck in the present past.

Seeking victory that is not in hand.

Who would battle and rumble with the beast?

Alone. There is not a contender left.

I must right the wrongs, but what can I give?

Somebody must want some help. How to win…

Not good enough. A coward, in effect.

Yet I will continue searching, until…

The end must come, but mine not so quickly.

Fervent, staunch, embrace the ways that once were.

Outstretched hands grasping empty space. I fall.

I cannot be from a world that’s not mine.

No tongue or words to speak, maybe in time.

The path is not rewarded. All have failed.

Who can hear the screams of a searching man?

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