Far too long since you pushed them in the mud.

Now they will push back and spit in your face.

Your precious currency that means nothing.

Will be all that you have left to consume.

Far too long you have kept them far below.

Packrats, hoarders, keep it all to yourself.

It is time the people speak louder words.

Scream until your eardrums acknowledge them.

No protection for your dying kingdom.

They will steal the keys and gouge your eyes out.

A place where men won’t have to fight instinct.

Chains of minorities keeping them behind.

It is time to grow and reach potential.

Rid ourselves of privilege and circumstance.

When bellies are fed and humans can grow.

None shall suffer while others rule the world.

Consume like a vacuum with blackened hearts.

Slice you to spill your guts and feed the world.

bloody handprints

Spread like the plague your sickness of mind.

Govern like the sun, reaching every stone.

There is no wrong that corruption creates.

Only misunderstood, to be replaced.

As we move forward, capable as yet.

We encounter no boundaries. All is set.

“The People” all deserve a right to vote.

Unless they are wicked, dumb or untrue.

We’ve agreed upon the time, not the place.

It is your world they will eradicate.

Culture and arts shall not be for profit.

They represent feeling you cannot find.

To regain the balance, no compromise.

They will crush your world, shattered shards of globe.

Lapping water from a dish like your dogs.

Shove your face in shit to see if you care.

Nothing to drink and no warmth to be found.

This world will be empty if you aren’t stopped.

We’ve spread, populated all that we can.

Suffocate underneath the swarming mass.

Your values are broken, so time for change.

The People have spoken. Executed.


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