Eyes and hidden meanings

Entire worlds revealed when their eyes met.

She looked down and smiled. Attention whore?

Don’t tell anyone the secrets I hide.

I don’t know how you feel. Ball’s in your court.

I’m sleepy. I don’t feel like thinking now.

Open-mouthed. Concern. How will he take me?

Thinking once again. Thoughts that are not real.

Now their worlds are exposed. But who will come?

A false wink. A smile of propriety.

Precursor to tears. The thoughts we must hide.

Sarcastic. Veiled meanings and pretenses.

Now I’m sick. Nervous. Fed up. I don’t know.


The eyes are a window you can’t pass through.

Is she an Angel, Or heaven’s hatred?

Looking up because her feelings are down.

Whatever, she said. Eyes that tell a tale.

Whatever’s revealed is said without words.

A surprise that he would look. Why’s he stare?

Tongue panting. Seeking smells. Where are answers?

Embarrassed. Ashamed. Caught. Wanting. Waiting.

Angry. Why does it happen: every time.

Sometimes words aren’t enough. You have to speak.

I don’t understand. Mysteries unsolved.

Disappointed. Guess it’s not what I thought.

The eyes move away. But the feelings stay.

Thinks he can control his destiny. Nerd.

Fangs bared, claws swipe. What is not obvious?

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