Heroes, unlike me

Teardrop on Fire

Tears unsurfaced, I make my final plea

Ask the heroes who were supposed to be

What went wrong? Why did you abandon us?

Now we suffer. Your promises have died.

You were supposed to save us, make things right.

Failure. Evil in this world has prevailed.

The monsters still live underneath our beds.

The demons haunt our minds when we’re awake.

They take all our money and claim it’s best.

A savings plan for the rich to survive.

They torture us and claim that’s how it works.

They claim the strong survive; no others should.

Then where are our heroes, the ones from past?

Where did you run to when it all went wrong?

They killed you, claimed victory when you died.

What are we supposed to do with life now?

I am not strong enough to lead the way.

Please just come back. That is all I’m asking.

Fulfill your promises, and you can go.

It’s been too long, and your people suffer.

None gifted with the strength to pull us through.

Am I the only one who remembers?

That the struggle was once ours well in hand.

Until you left and we all fell apart.

We turned our backs and became more like them.

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