A dictionary for the Internet Generation

aquaintance – a friend who has an old-fashioned attractiveness or charm

aquire – a set of paper recently obtained

aquit – termination of employment following dropped charges; usually preceded by “I’m”

acerage – an exact quantity of land

allmost – very nearly getting everything or the majority

amature – a person who has minimal experience being old

aparent – kin who is obviously a member of the family

calender – the machine that produces time-keeping devices

capital – a city that produces above average wealth

consciencious – a scrupulous person who has trouble determining right from wrong

concensus – a population figure that is agreed upon

critisize – to find fault with a person’s weight or height

defiantly – unequivocally opposed

desparate – fundamentally distinct state of need

flourescent – the emission of light from grain

greatful – appreciative of good things

heirarchy – a ranking system to determine inheritance rights

imitashun – deliberate avoidance of impressions

A picture of a dictionary viewed with a lens o...

iland – a place where some of the internet generation lives, surrounded by water

its – it is

it’s – the possessive form of ‘it’

jellous – anger that a substance contains fruit preserves

kindergarden – a place where children play with flowers

loose – to come to be without resulting from lack of knot-tying skill

loosing – loss suffered because of untied shoelaces

lieing – determining whether or to lay down or tell the truth

masterbation – the expertise of pleasuring oneself

medevil – a period of history when bad things were done

momento – a keepsake that only lasts for a finite amount of time

oficial – cuando alguien esta actualmente un jefe en el ejercito

preform – to try on an outfit before acting in a play

pitcher – a visual representation of a baseball player

planing – outlining tasks and schedules on board an aircraft

playright – a copywrited performance

principal – the primary leader of an academic institution

priviledge – the right to be on a horizontal projection

promiss – a commitment to longing for another person

pronounciation – the ability to speak about persons, places, things or ideas

questionnair – a research instrument consisting of a series of questions about hair removal

quite – completely tranquil

reckonize – to calculate whether a person was previously seen

relevent – an air duct that is related to the matter at hand

restaraunt – a place to eat that is owned by the sister of one’s father or mother

rythem – the regular recurrence of other people dancing

rediculous – the absurdity of colors consisting predominantly of the longest wavelengths

sacrefice – holiness offered to a higher purpose

speach – words spoken about an edible juicy fruit

succede – to formally surrender ambitions or goals

their – the description of another place; the act of other people in a state of being

there – a thing that belongs to other people; the act of other people in a state of being

they’re – a thing that belongs to other people; the description of another place

too – a preposition used to express motion

to – in excess; also

underate – having not eaten enough

welfair – the justification for the provision of a minimal state of wellbeing

withold – to refrain from giving intellectual humor

writting – a formal document in progress

your – description to a person about they’re state of being

you’re – possessive case used as an attributive adjective


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